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Analyst, Program
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ActivitiesProgram Analysts are responsible for planning, analyzing and evaluating the effectiveness of the operating programs. These positions utilize a high degree of qualitative and quantitative analytical skills in analyzing, evaluating, and improving the effectiveness of the operations. The major duties of this position include employing advanced qualitative and quantitative techniques to analyze and measure the effectiveness, efficiency, and productivity of organizational programs, establishing study methods and techniques and analyzing and evaluating the effectiveness of complex program operations.

OutlookFaster-than-average-job growth

Median Income$78,160 in May 2010

Work Context & ConditionsProgram and Management analysts often work with minimal supervision, so they need to be self-motivated and disciplined. Analytical skills, the ability to get along with a wide range of people, strong oral and written communication skills, good judgment, time-management skills, and creativity are other desirable qualities. The ability to work in teams also is an important attribute as consulting teams become more common.

Minimum Education RequirementsBachelor's Degree

SkillsMonitoring, Critical Thinking, Operation and Control, Active Listening, Information Organization, Time Management, Complex Problem Solving, Judgment and Decision Making, Operations Analysis, Identifying Downstream Consequences, Information Gathering

AbilitiesOral Expression, Speech Recognition, Deductive Reasoning, Problem Sensitivity, Written Comprehension, Speech Clarity, Information Ordering, Inductive Reasoning, Written Expression, Oral Comprehension

InterviewsDennis Askwith