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Assistant, Anesthesiologist
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ActivitiesAccording to the American Medical Association, Health Care Careers Directory (2009-2010), Anesthesiologist Assistants are highly skilled allied health professionals who work under the direction of licensed anesthesiologists to develop and implement anesthesia care plans

Anesthesiologist Assistants gather patient data, to assist in the evaluation of patients’ physical and mental status, to record the surgical procedures planned, and to help the directing anesthesiologist administer the therapeutic plan that has
been formulated for the anesthetic care of the patient. Assist anesthesiologists in the administration of anesthesia for surgical and non-surgical procedures. Monitor patient status and provide patient care during surgical treatment.

OutlookFaster-than-average-job growth

Median Income$81,200 per year in 2008

Work Context & ConditionsAlthough Anesthesiologist Assistants usually work in a comfortable, well-lighted environment, those in surgery often stand for long periods. At times, the job requires a considerable amount of walking. Their work schedules may vary according to the practice setting and often depend on the hours of the supervising physician. The workweek of hospital-based AAs may include weekends, nights, or early morning hospital rounds to visit patients. These workers also may be on call.

Minimum Education RequirementsMaster's Degree

SkillsSocial Perceptiveness, Critical Thinking, Active Listening, Writing, Time Management, Active Learning, Judgment and Decision Making, Coordination, Reading Comprehension, Speaking, Science

AbilitiesOral Expression, Problem Sensitivity, Inductive Reasoning, Oral Comprehension