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ActivitiesBioinformatics is the field of science in which biology, computer science, and information technology merge to form a single, integrated discipline. Bioinformatics utilizes techniques from applied mathematics, statistics, and computer science to analyze complex chemical and DNA data to solve biological problems at the molecular level. Bioinformaticians play an essential role in gathering and interpreting data from the genome sequencing of diverse organisms, including humans.

OutlookFaster-than-average-job growth

Median Income$77,000 per year (2004)

Work Context & ConditionsBioinformaticians typically work a 40-hour week in a laboratory setting. Those with advanced degrees often teach at the university level, either full- or part-time.

Minimum Education RequirementsBachelor's Degree

SkillsProgramming, Critical Thinking, Writing, Mathematics, Active Learning, Complex Problem Solving, Solution Appraisal, Problem Identification

AbilitiesDeductive Reasoning, Mathematical Reasoning, Inductive Reasoning, Written Expression