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Counselor, Rehabilitation
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ActivitiesHelp people deal with the personal, social, and vocational effects of disabilities. They counsel people with disabilities resulting from birth defects, illness or disease, accidents, or the stress of daily life.

OutlookFaster-than-average-job growth

Median Income$32,350 per year in 2010

Work Context & ConditionsUsually have a private office and work a standard 40-hour week. May work evenings to counsel clients who work during the day. The job can be stressful.

Minimum Education RequirementsMaster's Degree

SkillsSocial Perceptiveness, Learning Strategies, Monitoring, Management of Personnel Resources, Management of Financial Resources, Critical Thinking, Instructing, Active Listening, Writing, Service Orientation, Time Management, Systems Evaluation, Active Learning, Judgment and Decision Making, Coordination, Reading Comprehension, Speaking, Complex Problem Solving, Systems Analysis

AbilitiesOral Expression, Problem Sensitivity, Written Comprehension, Speech Clarity, Oral Comprehension, Flexibility of Closure