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Lawyer, Patent
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ActivitiesRepresents clients in legal proceedings, draws up legal documents, and manages or advises clients on legal transactions. May specialize in a single area or may practice broadly in many areas of law.

OutlookAverage job growth

Median Income$112,760 per year in May 2010.

Work Context & ConditionsLawyers do most of their work in offices, law libraries, and courtrooms. They sometimes meet in clients' homes or places of business. They may travel to attend meetings, gather evidence, and appear before courts, legislative bodies, and other authorities.

Minimum Education RequirementsJ.D.

SkillsPersuasion, Social Perceptiveness, Critical Thinking, Active Listening, Writing, Negotiation, Time Management, Active Learning, Complex Problem Solving, Judgment and Decision Making, Reading Comprehension, Speaking

AbilitiesOral Expression, Speech Recognition, Deductive Reasoning, Problem Sensitivity, Written Comprehension, Speech Clarity, Inductive Reasoning, Written Expression, Oral Comprehension

InterviewsMalka Scher