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Medical Transcriptionist
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ActivitiesUse transcribing machines with headset and foot pedal to listen to recordings by physicians and other healthcare professionals dictating a variety of medical reports, such as emergency room visits, diagnostic imaging studies, operations, chart reviews, and final summaries. Transcribe dictated reports and translate medical jargon and abbreviations into their expanded forms. Edit as necessary and return reports in either printed or electronic form to the dictator for review and signature, or correction.

OutlookAverage job growth

Median Income$32,100 per year in 2008

Work Context & ConditionsMost medical transcriptionists are employed in comfortable settings, in hospitals, doctors' offices, or medical-transcription service offices. An increasing number of court reporters and medical transcriptionists work from home-based offices as subcontractors for law firms, hospitals, and transcription services.

Minimum Education RequirementsVocational High School Program
Academic High School Program