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Physician, Anesthesiologist
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ActivitiesAnesthesiologists focus on the care of surgical patients and pain relief. Like other physicians, they evaluate and treat patients. efforts of their staffs. These critical care specialists are responsible for maintenance of the patient’s vital life functions—heart rate, body temperature, blood pressure, breathing—during surgery. They also work outside of the operating room, providing pain relief in the intensive care unit, during labor and delivery, and for those who suffer from chronic pain.

OutlookFaster-than-average-job growth

Median Income$311,600 per year in 2009*

Work Context & ConditionsMust be highly accurate in performing the job. It's important that every task is performed completely. May work long, irregular hours.

Minimum Education RequirementsM.D.

SkillsLearning Strategies, Monitoring, Critical Thinking, Operation and Control, Active Listening, Writing, Service Orientation, Equipment Selection, Time Management, Troubleshooting, Active Learning, Complex Problem Solving, Judgment and Decision Making, Operation Monitoring, Coordination, Speaking, Science

AbilitiesOral Expression, Speech Recognition, Deductive Reasoning, Problem Sensitivity, Written Comprehension, Near Vision, Speech Clarity, Inductive Reasoning, Oral Comprehension