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Science Writer
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ActivitiesScience and medical writers prepare a range of formal documents presenting detailed information on the physical or medical sciences. They convey research findings for scientific or medical professions and organize information for advertising or public relations needs. Many writers work with researchers on technical subjects to prepare written interpretations of data and other information for a general readership.

OutlookFaster-than-average-job growth

Median Income$61,600 in 2008

Work Context & ConditionsMay work in comfortable, private offices or in noisy rooms filled with the sound of keyboards and computer printers as well as the voices of other writers tracking down information over the telephone. The search for information sometimes requires travel to diverse workplaces, such as factories, offices, or laboratories, but many have to be content with telephone interviews, the library, and the Internet.

Minimum Education RequirementsBachelor's Degree

SkillsLearning Strategies, Active Listening, Writing, Time Management, Active Learning, Reading Comprehension

AbilitiesWritten Comprehension, Near Vision, Written Expression, Oral Comprehension

InterviewsAlisa Machalek