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Technician, Biological
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Education RequiredBiological technicians typically need a bachelor’s degree in biology or a closely related field. Most colleges and universities offer bachelor's degree programs in biological science.
Biological science programs usually include courses in general biology, as well as in specific subfields such as ecology, microbiology, and molecular biology. In addition to taking courses in biology, students must study chemistry, mathematics, and physics. Computer science courses are helpful for modeling and simulating biological processes and for operating some laboratory equipment. 
It is important for students to gain laboratory experience before entering the workforce. Students should take biology courses that emphasize laboratory work. They often can also gain laboratory experience through summer internships with prospective employers, such as pharmaceutical and medicine manufacturers.

Recommended High School CoursesBiology, Mathematics, Chemistry

Postsecondary Instructional ProgramsMathematics, Food Production, Chemistry, Biology

Certification and LicensingNone