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Technician, Forensic Science
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ActivitiesCollect, identify, classify, and analyze physical evidence related to criminal investigations. Perform tests on weapons or substances, such as fiber, hair, and tissue to determine significance to investigation. May testify as expert witnesses on evidence or crime laboratory techniques. May serve as specialists in area of expertise, such as ballistics, fingerprinting, handwriting, or biochemistry.

OutlookAverage job growth

Median Income$51,570 per year in 2011

Work Context & ConditionsScience technicians work under a wide variety of conditions. Some occasionally work irregular hours to monitor experiments that can not be completed during regular working hours. For forensic science technicians, collecting evidence from crime scenes can be distressing and unpleasant.

Minimum Education RequirementsAssociate's Degree
Technical Program

SkillsCritical Thinking, Quality Control Analysis, Active Listening, Writing, Equipment Selection, Active Learning, Reading Comprehension, Speaking, Science

AbilitiesOral Expression, Deductive Reasoning, Problem Sensitivity, Near Vision, Speech Clarity, Information Ordering, Inductive Reasoning, Written Expression, Oral Comprehension

InterviewsAngi M. ChristensenVideo Icon