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ActivitiesEngages in the development of mathematical theory or apply statistical theory and methods to collect, organize, interpret, and summarize numerical biological data to provide usable information.

OutlookAverage job growth

Median Income$72,830 in 2010

Work Context & ConditionsUsually work regular hours in comfortable offices. Some statisticians travel to provide advice on research projects, supervise and set up surveys, or gather statistical data.

Minimum Education RequirementsMaster's Degree

SkillsProgramming, Critical Thinking, Instructing, Active Listening, Writing, Time Management, Mathematics, Systems Evaluation, Active Learning, Complex Problem Solving, Judgment and Decision Making, Coordination, Reading Comprehension, Speaking, Science

AbilitiesSpeed of Closure, Number Facility, Category Flexibility, Deductive Reasoning, Written Comprehension, Near Vision, Mathematical Reasoning, Information Ordering, Inductive Reasoning, Written Expression

InterviewsRichard Simon